Threats And Attempts At Extortion

I have received a mail from a person, who calls himself for Rivka Franco I publish it here at my website so everyone can see how this person is acting:

As this unknown person is sending me this email to my official homepage about me and my dogs, I believe I am allowed to publish it as it is, with name and mailing adress official.

He tells me that he has hacked my computer system and has managed to film me when I am masturbating in front of the computer camera. That he has got all information from my computer, my contacts at my mobiles etc etc and threat me to publish everything at social media if I don’t pay him USD 1500 to his bitcoin wallet. And he gives me 50 hours to pay. And he tries with that if a share this email, the system he has, will automatically send all the info to social networks and that it doesn’t work with stopping him by changing passwords etc. And he ends the email with ”Good luck and do not do anything dumb. Think of your reputation.”

I will spread this print screenst further through social media to show what a fool this person is, trying to fraud me. I am not afraid for this as I have a clear ”record”.

So sorry, fool. You don’t manage to fraud me this way.

//Jelina at Erotiquelles Dogs